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Many Additional Things About Projection Mapping

you can find the projection mapping, on the ground or on the walls, because it has a real distinctive dimension, the eyes take these pictures as if they were part of the street.

Projection-Mapping is a chic and artistic framework in the event industry.

We are talking about the title in three dimensions, which has undergone remarkable development, to classify his paintings, among the most beautiful visual works in the world.

In addition to its distinctive, comic sense, and political at other times.

JADER Poduction_Sharjah-light-festival-2017

What is Projection Mapping :

projection mapping video, another miracle of modern technology, is the new technology, for processing 3D mapping images. 

In projection mapping, the coordinates must be defined, where the object is in relation to the projector. 

To work in projection mapping, you must master basic video design programs, among these most important programs :

Projection Mapping Show in Endurance Cup Dubaï 2019
Projection-Mapping in Dubai
  1. After Effects.
  2. Cinema 4d.
  3. 3Ds Max.
  4. Maya.
  5. Blender.
  6. Houdini.

You can also create 3D effects, by capturing the light, and field using planetary methods, or by using active projection mapping techniques.

Of collecting information, diverting attention from our conscious vision. Thus opening the door to our feelings to create a mixture of broad imagination.

Inserting you into a world of imagination, where some laws of physics, are unconsciously incorporated, into our brain with projection mapping, and technological methods.

For best results manually, in projection mapping Adjustments, usually required, by adjusting the physical or virtual view.

Large projectors over 30000 lumens and above are used for large-scale projections, such as the city’s skyscrapers. 

Otherwise smaller projectors, with lower performance, will work with smaller presentations.

Using a pair of stereo cameras, another method is to measure the feature from the depth, or focus of the object.

What is the difference between 3D Map and 3D Mapping?

From determining the location, of the aircraft to specializing Your site, in 3D Map, works like a magic eye.

Additional Things about 3D Map :

A 3D map leads us to a realistic view, of the location you want to go to.
Another aspect, is that it also helps the planners, and authorities define their goals.

As for those working in the construction sector, it is their way to determine the land areas and their distance.

Many solutions are provided in the 3D map setting :

It becomes very easy, to display plans on the Google Maps platform.

Many also call 3D mapping “spatially augmented reality”.
3D map deal with all surfaces and facades, of all shapes and geometric intricacies.

Transforming them into dynamic optical displays.
Very few of us, know that we can also create 3D maps on google maps platform.

You can easily choose Google Maps Platform, to create ways to communicate with your customers and make important business decisions using your accurate, real-time data and dynamic images.

Google maps platform uses many uses in various fields, from science to entertainment and advertising.

A Short History of Projection Mapping :

hand Spotlight on Projection video

Projection mapping Video technology has begun to hear its type and has recently been viewed, as a new and distinctive type of digital art.

Since the end of the 90s, when devoted to the promotion of space reality.

Projection mapping has therefore played a great role, in the advancement of many fields of which we think, for example: in the Events and Festivals.

But you have to know, that this idea and this technique had a strong presence before the 90s.
when Disneyland, opened its haunted palace in 1969, it was a separate unit with a musical performance, and a 3D projection, on the faces of the singers.

Directors have also, used this distinctive Projection mapping in their films. Such as the TV movie, Magic Mystery Tour, which widely seen with photos, of famous Beatles singer, George Harrison in the 1967 Blue Jay Way scene.


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